Day trip on the archipelago trail with guide

Day trip on the Archipelago Trail with a guide

On this beautiful and varied stretch of the archipelago we walk approx. 11 km from the cozy ferry town of Spodsbjerg to the ancient Tranekær Castle. The tour guide (David Grønbæk) briefly and vividly tells (in danish) about the historical places and the landscape we are going through. The trip goes along the Langelandsbæltet to Stengade Strand and Skov with "Oehlenschlägers Bøg", an over 200 year old tree, which is said to have inspired the poet to the Danish national anthem. Here we eat lunch and there is the opportunity to swim. In Stengade Forest there are also the remains of a rampart from the England wars in the early 1800s. After a stretch along the beach, the path leads us through green forests and rolling fields to Tranekær. Here we end the hike with coffee and cake at the castle, and we are driven back to Spodsbjerg.

Experience a wonderful hiking experience at Langeland. Experience a beautiful and varied stretch of the Archipelago Trail. Today's tour guide will guide you and tell you about the landscape we go through. Possibility to swim at Stengade Beach, where we eat lunch. We end the day with coffee and cake at the ancient Tranekær Castle. Dress for weather and footwear to go a long way in. Bring a daycare bag for your lunch pack and water (included in the price), sunscreen, swimwear and towel if you want to swim. We meet at. 10 and is back in Spodsbjerg at. 16th

There is no specific age limit to participate in the trip. We recommend that parents assess whether the child can walk the distance and feel like it (11 km). It is not possible to bring a stroller and the like.

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