Events at Langeland

Contrasts are experienced when society is transparent.
The silence is lovely, but so is the music
- all summer there is the opportunity for music experiences.
Langeland also has the Artists' Open Doors, Archipelago Day
and in the fall holidays there are exciting experiences for children.

Langeland Festival

Denmark's Largest Garden Party. Here is music for everyone and a huge children's land for the little ones.

Classical Summer Concerts

World-class concerts

Guided Tours

Come and hear the many exciting stories from Langeland

Open Doors - Artists

Experience working workshops and galleries

Maritime Voyages

For the landlubbers and the sea dogs

The day of the archipelago

A day for the whole family

Langeland's Unique Gardens

Discover one or more of the island's unique gardens.

Steensgaard Gods Open Air

Summer Opera at Steensgaard Gods

Langeland Calender

What's happening at Langeland right now?

Open2Day Langeland

Get a digital overview of Langeland's opening hours