Vilde Heste

The Wild Horses

Photo: Langeland Turistbureau

The wild horses are called wild because they live with the least amount of human intervention.

The wild horses are called wild because they live with as little interference of humans as possible. During harsh winters though, roughage is laid out for the horses, and they are under supervision at all times in case one of them becomes ill and needs a veterinarian. The horses live in a herd of app. 60 adult animals with a stallion leader and a mare leader, on occasion though, it is necessary to exchange the stallion leader with a new one in order to avoid inbreeding, this was last done in 2019.

An Exmoor pony is app. 130 cm tall with a stocky body and muscular black legs. The coat is brownish and the winter coat consists of both wool hair and guard hair. Actually, their winter coat is so thick, that snow can lie on the horses’ back without melting. The ponies on South Langeland came here from Tærø near Møn in 2006, where the herd has lived in the wild since 1964. The ponies’ job is to eat the grass in the area, so the sunlight can reach the surface of the ground and thereby promote diversity in species of both plants and animals.

The area where the herd lives is fenced in, but there’s free access as long as you comply with the rules of access. The herd is often visible from the hat hill “Ørnehøj”, smaller herds of the horses can be seen at Klise Nor near Bagenkop and at “Flådet” near Tranekær.

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