A castle park filled with "Land art"

The castle park by Tranekær castle is an amazing place for excursions all year round. The park and the castle belong to the Ahlefeldt-Laurvig family, who in 1993 passed the decoration of the park on to TICKON – Tranekær Internationale Center for Kunst Og Natur (Tranekær international centre of art and nature). Since then, app. 30 danish and international artists of high class have created their works in the park. They are types of the so-called Land Art – an art form that means the often gigantic works of art are built on the spot using organic materials e.g. wood, soil and stones. Hereby, artworks are created that in curious ways are parts of nature but at the same time are subjects to nature’s destroying powers, until eventually they disappear completely. Nature’s order is disorder, and in this circle, the man-made works of art are contained. During the last 25 years, 30 works have been created and 17 of them can still be viewed. At the entrance, a catalogue of all works created since the opening in 1993 is sold.

Tranekær Castle park
In TICKON there is room for exploration as the castle park covers an area of app. 205 acres. All the works of art are marked on a map in the park’s brochure. Herein is also a list of the app. 70 exotic trees that, among others, have been planted over the last 200 years. Each one is marked with a QR-code. It tells you the name of the tree, its land of origin and its use. The park is open for visitors every day of the year from sunrise to sunset.

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Longitude: 10.861187

Latitude: 55.001054