Photo: Langeland Turistbureau

Experience the special peace and quiet of Strynø.

Strynø is situated a half hour ferry trip from Langeland. It is a small island best seen by either cycling or walking. There are 200 inhabitants, many families with small children. As a guest, you will experience the special peace and quiet that characterizes the small islands. In the idyllic old village, roads go from the May Pole Square towards all four corners of the world. The May Pole is a tall flagpole that is painted and decorated with garlands and raised on a Saturday every year in May.

Sailors will on Strynø find a cosy, but completely up-to-date harbour. Take a tour of the village and out along the small roads and paths, where there are views of the blue sea and drifting summer clouds. You can rent (DKK. 20, -) one of the new bikes for a tour around the island, they are parked at the harbour.
You can swim from the harbour’s southern mole. The church is worth a visit. It is big, like the school, which dates back to 1905. Previously, the island population was three times larger than the present one. Many were sailors who sailed with ships from Marstal, Rudkøbing and Svendborg. The island is well equipped with services: a grocery shop, an inn and dining and accommodation places.