Our Beautiful Nature

To experience Langeland’s nature in a little slower pace, as on a bicycle, gives you several small “aha” moments, since the bicycle allows you to go most places. The experience of the winding roads around the island’s “hat hills” past the cosy houses and the change of the seasons on fields, hedgerows and forests with the opportunity to follow the local wildlife up close, gives serenity to the soul and room for thoughts to fly free. Our nature is open for visits - but be carefully and follow the sign-posted rules.

Walking Tours

At the entrance to many nature areas there is a box of leaflets. The archipelago trail is Langeland's longest continuous hiking route, the route is used by many people year-round.

The Wild Horses

The wild horses are called wild because they live with the least amount of human intervention.


Time for the silence of the forest

Bird Sanctuaries

Langeland is one of Denmark's most bird-friendly areas. The birds - not least the migratory birds, love Langeland. Here is the varied fauna that birds...

Marshland and Meadows

Marshland and Meadows have a rich wildlife


“Near the salt Østerstrand” is a line in our Danish national tune. It was written by Adam Oehlenschläger while he sat at Stengade Beach, in the middle...