Langeland has many different attractions, so it's easy to find something for everyone.
You can choose from such diverse things as: Cold War Museum, souvenarium, old windmills, manor houses and much more.
Nature can also be an attraction in itself: 141 km beach, cliffs, forests and bird sanctuaries.

The Village at Tranekær Castle

Castle town Tranekær is unique in Denmark since Count Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (1760-1832) wanted a city reminiscent of a German principality. He built several buildings and brought foreign craftsmen and officials to the city.


Experience the special peace and quiet of Strynø.

The Wild Horses

The wild horses are called wild because they live with the least amount of human intervention.

The Langelandsfort


The Medicine Gardens

Did you know that a plant like the Marie thistle can reproduce some parts of the liver?


Visit a museum - it doesn't have to be boring!

Old Windmills

Exciting of Visit windmills - a look into the history of Langeland It is said that there have been 31 mills on Langeland over time, all of them liste...

Our Beautiful Nature

To experience Langeland’s nature in a little slower pace, gives you several small “aha” moments.

Castles and Manor Houses

Well preserved historic buildings

Prehistoric Monuments

They stand by the road, the little signposted Andrea Cross. Give yourself time to think about what this is all about. It is the ruin of a past burial ...


Most of the churches on Langeland were built in the middle ages and erected in Roman or Gothic style  with altarpieces or bulpits in renaissance- or l...