Art, Culture and Music

Langeland is known for its many artists and galleries that stay open much of the year. An exhibition that is a special highlight is "The 12 Langeland art towers". The Langeland artists marks the spring with the event "Open Doors".
The year offers diverse music around the island. Here is jazz, pop, rock and classical. At the tourist office can retrieve a list of events or find them in langeland calendar.

Artists and Artisans

Langeland is renowned for its many performing artists and the galleries that stay open most of the year. Every year, at easter, the artists on Langeland celebrate the arrival of spring with an event called  Open Doors ‘’Åbne Døre’’.


A castle park filled with "Land art"

The Village at Tranekær Castle

Castle town Tranekær is unique in Denmark since Count Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (1760-1832) wanted a city reminiscent of a German principality. He bu...

Langeland Festival

Denmark's Largest Garden Party. Here is music for everyone and a huge children's land for the little ones.


A bit of each and every taste

Film Locations

‘Ready to shoot’, ‘camera running’, and ‘go’.

Castles and Manor Houses

Well preserved historic buildings

Open Doors - Artists

Experience working workshops and galleries 8.-9. August 2020

Langeland Calender

What's happening at Langeland right now?