Discover Langeland

The good story of the old relics out in the landscape, or a trip to the fine, old archaeological museum Rudkøbing are both ideas for cultural experiences. Another one is the cold war at Langelandsfortet – it’s your choice. Come and be on Langeland, here is the opportunity to test your senses, there is fresh air and natural scents, here, it is possible to hear the birds fly and the grass grow. It takes time to see and feel. It takes courage to release stress, but it leaves space for different experiences and the joy of the small quirks of nature. Nature has many different expressions depending on the season both on land and on sea. 

The Langelandsfort

How big is the toilet in a submarine? How did the spies operate during the cold war?


Langeland has many different attractions, so it's easy to find something for everyone.

Art, Culture and Music

Langeland is known for its many artists and galleries that stay open much of the year.

Castles and Manor Houses

Well preserved historic buildings

The Wild Horses

The wild horses are called wild because they live with the least amount of human intervention.

Our Beautiful Nature

Nature provides peace of mind and space for thoughts to flow freely.

The Village at Tranekær Castle

Castle town Tranekær is unique in Denmark since Count Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (1760-1832) wanted a city reminiscent of a German principality. He bu...


Experience the special peace and quiet of Strynø.

Art Towers

- a completely unique way to experiencing art

Old Windmills

Exciting of Visit windmills - a look into the history of Langeland It is said that there have been 31 mills on Langeland over time, all of them liste...

Activities for children

Nature is the biggest playground

Langeland Festival

Denmark's Largest Garden Party. Here is music for everyone and a huge children's land for the little ones.

Film Locations

‘Ready to shoot’, ‘camera running’, and ‘go’.

Visit a farm

See and experience how life is lived by animals and people on a farm.

Bees Visitor Farm

Discover the beautiful visitor's bee farm in Tranekær and learn more about the bees' strange world in the visitor pavilion.


Wellness is good for the soul

Visit Tåsinge and Funen

Make an excursion to Tåsinge and Fyn