The sun rises over the horizon; you are onLangeland,Denmark’s richest fishing area, you have to get out and enjoy the nature and fresh air. Whether you fish alone or together with some friends or with your family, Langeland has plenty to offer, there are fish here for everybody.

Langeland, with its140 kmcoastline offers a myriad of angling opportunities all year round. Being situated between the warm shallow archipelago waters and the coolBaltic Seagives exceptionally good conditions for many different species of fish. Every year, more than 20 different fish species are landed on the island. You can fish from the shore, a boat or a cutter. 

Boat Hire

With 140 km of coastline and a myriad of fish species, Langeland is as close to an angler's dream as it may come.

Cutter Hire

From the ports of Spodsbjerg and Bagenkop, the cutters set out with experienced skippers on board who know the sea around the island and the good fish...

Fishing Tackle

Find det grej du står og mangler

Put and Take Lakes

Do you need some quality time with your line in the water?


Here life is lived Here is everything from the small harbor where the fishermen are located and the few guest places, to larger ports with several lo...

Fishing License

Remember your fishing license when going out with the fishing rod

Angling Atlas

Find the best spots. The heavy streams have created excellent living conditions for a large and varied fish population. That is why, the Langeland Bel...