Active Holiday

Here we have collected a lot of tips on what you can do on your next vacation, whether you want to be active at a high level or if You want to do something where the whole family can participate.


You are on Langeland, Denmark’s richest fishing area, you have to get out and enjoy the nature and fresh air.

Bike Holiday

Langeland is perfect for a bicycle vacation or maybe a vacation with outings on bike.

Walking Tours

At the entrance to many nature areas there is a box of leaflets. The archipelago trail is Langeland's longest continuous hiking route, the route is used by many people year-round.

Langelands Golf Klub

The well-trimmed grass and the 18 holes are there, of course. The same is a pay and play course with six holes for those who just want to try playing golf. But what helps make the course something special is the unique location in the hilly terrain between the hilltops.

Horseback Riding

For many, a holiday has something to do with horses. It is also obvious, since on horseback you are quickly out in a beautiful, varied nature with forest and beach.


5 minutes of practice and you are good to go. It is surprising how easy it is to learn how to drive this two-wheeled vehicle. Helmets on, the radio sets turned on and after an instruction you are on your way. There is something special about riding this, slightly future-like, vehicle.

Sea Kayaks

Sailing a sea kayak is a unique and unique way to get a "close to nature" experience.


The world beneath the surface of the sea

Maritime Voyages

For the landlubbers and the sea dogs

Alternative Golf

Golf is normally a sport you connect with well groomed greens, golf clubs of various shapes and sizes. However, during the last couple of years altern...


“Near the salt Østerstrand” is a line in our Danish national tune. It was written by Adam Oehlenschläger while he sat at Stengade Beach, in the middle...

Climbing Parks

Treetop climbing is a great experience for adults and children of all ages. In the beautiful southern Funen nature only 25 min. driving from Rudkøbing...

Jump'n Move

It's fun and moving for all kids

Crazy Golf

Crazy golf is fun, fun and good atmosphere for the whole family


Is it time for a challenge?

Scooters for Hire

Try to go on an excursion on a scooter

Fitness at Langeland

Exercise when you feel like it